Espresso Roast & Kavat Cup Set (Medium Roast)

Whether a gift for yourself or for someone special, our Premium San Lazzaro Espresso Roast Blend & Kavat Cup Set will let everyone know you drink and gift the best. 

Using a signature premium blend of certified organic beans from Nicaragua and Ethiopia, our San Lazzaro blend is gently roasted to a medium finish. By pulling back on the roasting time and temperature curve of typical espresso, we are able to extract harmonious notes of chocolate, roasted almond and orange peel all while avoiding bitterness or tasting burnt.

Just like a musical composer authors an unforgettable song with an ensemble of instruments, we here at Kavat Coffee crafted our San Lazzaro Espresso Roast with an orchestra of flavors to wow your palate.

You can be sipping on your first cup within just a few minutes of receiving your starter set.

  • 12oz bag of our Premium San Lazzaro Espresso Blend Roast
  • Set of 2 white porcelain Signature Kavat Coffee Cups + Saucers (3oz capacity each)