Armenian Coffee & ԳAVAT Cup Set (Medium Roast)

So, you're not a newbie to Armenian coffee, but you've decided to step up your game to our Premium ԳAVAT (pronounced "Kavat") Armenian Coffee, then this set is for you. 

Each set arrives with a 12oz bag of our pride and joy in a medium roast and a set of 2 signature ԳAVAT Coffee cups & saucers, allowing you to let everyone know you drink only the best. 

Each bag of ԳAVAT Armenian Coffee is ground extra fine and includes simple steps on how you can embark on the wonderful ritual of preparing the perfect cup. Fair trade, organic and socially conscious, our Armenian coffee starts with beans sustainably sourced from Ethiopia, which is widely considered the birthplace of coffee.

You can be sipping on your first cup within just a few minutes of receiving your starter set.

  • 12oz bag of our Premium Modern Armenian Coffee
  • Set of 2 white porcelain Signature ԳAVAT Coffee Cups + Saucers (3oz capacity each)
Roast Style

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