August 27, 2018

Why Does ԳAVAT Armenian Coffee Use Beans From Ethiopia?

Well, for starters, coffee beans don't naturally grow in Armenia, but man oh man, do Armenians love their coffee. If you don't believe us, check out this video.

Truth be told, it is widely believed and accepted that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. More specifically, it is origin of the Arabica bean, which is universally considered to have premium quality and flavor than Robusta coffee beans, which is what most supermarket beans are made from. 

Arabica beans typically have a more sophisticated flavor profile while remaining subtle and softer in taste. Notes of fruits & berries and floral aromas are usually found throughout Arabica bean variants. 

These highly sought after premium beans grow wildly throughout Ethiopia, and over centuries, local farmers have cultivated the tastiest variants and created what are considered to be amongst the best coffees that anyone can purchase across the planet. 

Ethiopians know they make amazing coffee. In fact, the country keeps around half of the coffee it produces each year for domestic consumption. The rest is exported to the rest of the world and is sold at a high premium, and for good reason. 

With over a thousand different varieties of coffee grown throughout Ethiopia, conditions in the higher elevations of the southern mountainous regions in the country make for excellent natural growing regions.

Most coffees here are grown using natural and age old farming techniques, under the shade of other plants and without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Contrastingly, in areas that coffee does not grow naturally, many coffee producers utilize using synthetic techniques and harmful chemicals to yield their crops, all things that negatively affect the natural habitat and surrounding environment.

When selecting the perfect bean for our premium ԳAVAT Armenian Coffee, we not only made sure that we found a wonderfully flavorful Ethiopian bean to craft our unique roast, we also made sure that we selected a certified organic bean that came from a farm that utilizes sustainable methods to growing their crops.

We took no shortcuts in trying to give you the absolute best tasting coffee we've ever had and we hope that you agree.

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