October 31, 2018

You'd Rather Have Certified Organic, And We'd Give You Nothing Less

There's no way that we would serve you Kavat Coffee that wasn't certified organic.

We feel that this not only is a benefit to the environment, but helps to make the ԳAVAT (pronounced "Kavat") coffee beans actually taste better. 

Let us explain. 

It is true that organic coffees cost more than their chemically laden brethren, but pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are certainly no joking matter. The ever growing documentation about their harmful and residual effects on the soil, groundwater, air quality, wildlife and human life (that means you and I and everyone we love) is not to be brushed aside.

The use of pesticides within the coffee industry are astonishingly high, seriously!

In fact, the only crops being grown that use more of these harmful chemicals than coffee are cotton and tobacco, respectively.

Roasting coffee is said to burn off all the residue from said chemicals and by doing so, make it safe for all of us to enjoy, and there is truth to that.

But what about the damage to the soil, land, water and harmful effects to the area's wildlife and the farmers themselves? 

By buying certified organic products like ԳAVAT Coffee, you are helping to minimize the amount of exposure of these chemicals upon our environment and the life within. 

In order to be a certified organic coffee, the growing conditions and processing of the green beans all the way through the roasting process are thoroughly monitored by independent agencies and are found to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers as well as other potentially harmful chemicals.

Organic coffee beans, like the Ethiopian variant we utilize in our ԳAVAT Armenian Coffee are not pumped with synthetic chemicals that help the crop to grow faster and the beans to be larger. Rather, they grow the old fashioned way, by educated and experienced farmers who utilize age old natural techniques that help the bean to mature slowly and naturally, developing rich flavors and palette tantalizing complexities tasting notes.