October 11, 2018

San Lazzaro degli Armeni - The Inspiration Behind Our Espresso Blend

Located 1.2 miles from the shoreline of Italy's famous city of Venice, lies a small island that is just under 8 acres in size. The islet's name is San Lazzaro degli Armeni (Saint Lazarus of the Armenians) and is home to a beautiful and acclaimed monastery of the Mekhitarists, an Armenian Catholic congregation.

Mkhitar Sebastasi, an Armenian Catholic monk established the monastery after the island was ceded to him and his followers by the Republic of Venice in the year 1717.

San Lazzaro degli Armeni has since grown into one of the world's prominent centers of Armenian culture and Armenian studies. The monastery contains a collection of thousands of books, journals, artifacts, and Armenian manuscripts. For centuries, dozens of artists, writers, political and religious leaders have visited the island, including ԳAVAT (pronounced "Kavat") Coffee's own Serj Tankian. 

As a coffee enthusiast, when it came time to craft ԳAVAT Coffee's Espresso Roast blend, Serj drew on his many experiences in Italy where he has enjoyed several great variants of Italian espressos. He realized that for his tastebuds, the lighter the espresso roast, the more fully he was able to enjoy the subtleties and nuances of his coffee.

And being the musician that he is, Serj helped compose ԳAVAT Coffee's San Lazzaro Espresso blend with an orchestra of flavors to wow your palate. By pulling back on the roasting time and temperature curve of typical espresso, we were able to extract harmonious notes of chocolate, roasted almond and orange peel all while avoiding bitterness or tasting burnt that tend to be part of the flavor profile of some other espressos. 

This makes for a very versatile coffee, suitable for much more than just espresso. Our San Lazzaro Espresso Roast is no one trick pony. Feel free to concoct your very own pour over, indulge with a french press or brew up a whole pot of drip, the evenness of this roast will give you a richly aromatic coffee no matter how you prepare it, with cream or without.