Stainless Steel Armenian Coffee Pot With Bakelite Handle (Various Sizes)

Like the old saying goes, you don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

When it comes to making Armenian coffee, being outfitted with a proper coffee pot to craft your brew is essential. We here at ԳAVAT (pronounced "Kavat") whole heartedly believe in the process not only as a ritual, but as a means to make the best cup possible. 

That's why we have our high quality stainless steel decanter available in 2 sizes, allowing you to craft the right amount of brew, whether you are treating just yourself or looking to make multiple cups. The heat resistant Bakelite handle on either these pots help keep your hands away from the heating element and preserve those beautiful digits of yours.

  • Available in 2 sizes (12oz or 20oz)
  • 12oz pot ideal for preparing 1 - 2 cups
  • 20oz pot ideal for preparing 2 - 4 cups
  • heat resistant Bakelite handle for comfort and better grip
  • made from high quality stainless steel with polished finish