Premium Espresso Roast - San Lazzaro Blend (Medium Roast) - 2lb Bag

Our delectable San Lazzaro Espresso Roast in a larger 2lb size.

ESPRESSO ROAST, ԳAVAT STYLE (pronounced "Kavat")

Our Premium San Lazzaro Roast utilizes a signature blend of certified organic coffee beans from Latin America and Ethiopia. In fact, our San Lazzaro Espresso Roast utilizes Ethiopian beans, just you'll find in our robust and bold Modern Armenian Coffee. We then add in just the right amount of complimentary beans from Latin America to mellow out the flavor profile into a supremely balanced brew.


Just like a musical composer authors an unforgettable song with an ensemble of instruments, we here at ԳAVAT Coffee crafted our San Lazzaro Espresso Roast with an orchestra of flavors to wow your palate. By pulling back on the roasting time and temperature curve of typical espresso, we are able to extract harmonious notes of chocolate, roasted almond and orange peel all while avoiding bitterness or tasting burnt.


Versatility. That's one of our favorite things about the beans you'll find in this bag. Our San Lazzaro Espresso Roast is no one trick pony. Whether you prefer to sip on a traditional espresso, concoct your very own pour over, indulge with a french press or brew up a whole pot of drip, the evenness of this roast will give you a richly aromatic coffee no matter how you prepare it, with cream or without.

  • 2lb. gusseted stand up pouch
  • medium roast
  • whole bean
  • certified organic by CCOF
  • sustainably sourced

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