Premium Decaf Roast - Angela's Blend (Medium Roast)

Decaf drinkers rejoice! We've got you covered.


We take flavor seriously, and so do you. You’ve also made the decision to take your coffee without caffeine, smart move. But with so many decaf options offering lackluster aroma, bland taste and a bitter finish it’s hard to not feel cheated out of the cup of coffee you really want. Our Angela's Blend Decaf takes no shortcuts to give you a certified organic Arabica coffee that is bursting with full bodied flavor, that coffee smell you crave & rightfully deserve, all while being 99.9% Caffeine Free.


Just like a musical composer authors an unforgettable song with an ensemble of instruments, our Angela's Blend Decaf Roast is crafted with an orchestra of flavors to wow your palate. Roasted to a medium dark finish, these beans will tickle your taste buds with notes of tantalizing grape and the warming comforts of butterscotch. Each sip you take will leave you with a clean finish, just the way you want it. 


With great care, the beans you will find in this bag are 99.9% Caffeine Free using the non-solvent method known as the Swiss Water Process. Before being roasted, the green coffee is decaffeinated with water and osmosis over many hours. Once the process is completed, the beans in our signature Angela's Blend Decaf are now ready to be roasted to a medium dark finish to give you that robust flavor you're looking for. 

  • 12oz. gusseted stand up pouch
  • medium dark roast
  • whole bean
  • certified organic by CCOF
  • sustainably sourced