Premium Modern Armenian Coffee (Medium Roast)

We're proud to offer our signature Premium Modern Armenian Coffee for your enjoyment in the comfort of your own home or office. Each 12oz. bag comes ground extra fine, which is the perfect consistency to make sure you brew your cup just right.    

Certified organic and socially conscious, our Armenian coffee starts with beans sustainably sourced from Ethiopia, which is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. You can say it's ironic that our modern Armenian coffee has it's roots planted within the dawn of the coffee age, but you'll understand why when you drink it.

Robust and complex, sprinkled with mellowing notes of lavender for a clean finish, the flavor profile of this coffee is truly unique. This coffee is years in the making as we here at ԳAVAT (pronounced "Kavat") scoured the earth for the perfect bean to create our modern take on the near east tradition.  You'll find that our Armenian coffee is unlike any you've ever had before or will have elsewhere.

Simple steps on preparation of the perfect cup are included on the bag itself, so you will be ready to sit back and sip on your cup of ԳAVAT within minutes.

  • 12oz. gusseted stand up pouch
  • medium roast
  • extra fine grind
  • certified organic by CCOF
  • sustainably sourced

Our Armenian Coffee Is Like No Other

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